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Aftersales Service

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Aftersales Service System 

•  Our engineers will answer your service request and provide you timely technical support and aftersales services.
•  All our employees will listen to your feedback and forward your questions to our service specialists.
•  We will keep a record of the whole service process until your problems are fixed.
•  Problems that are not solved within the time limit will be sent to our senior manager and general manager, and we will guarantee that you are satisfied with our services.

Aftersales Service Promise 

(1)Aftersales Installation
We provide free installation, commissioning and training service. The training mainly covers introduction of the equipment’s basic structure, performance, main parts structure and working principle, daily usage and maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and emergency measures.
(2)Warranty range and period
We provide warranty service for the products we delivered to the customers.
The warranty period is one year since the date the customer received our products. 
We provide lifetime repair service. 
Please return the product if there is serious failure caused by non-human factors in one month when you receive the product, and we will send you a new one.
(3)Response time
When we receive repair request, we will respond in 2 hours and solve the problem in 48 hours. Otherwise we will provide you a similar equipment for temporary use during the repair. We will repair with genuine parts.
(4)Proactive care
We will provide you detailed operation instruction manual, service manual and related technical documents related with repair.

Service Hotline: 400-853-7158

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Service Hotline:  400-853-7158

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